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Joyce&Joey...such a beautiful couple. It was a pleasure photographic them. When Joyce came to talk to me about her maternity photos I was so excited to meet her because I knew from the moment I saw her she would have looked phenominal in every single picture. How could she not?such a naturaly beautiful woman. We connected from the beginning. We were vibeing on the same page. I loved her enthusiasm and her polite manners, so I thought I owed her all my dedication, and decided to hand paint white flowers all over her body, to enhanche even more her beauty; It took us a little while, but I was very pleased with the result. And Joyce just made it look better, and I thank her for sitting on the chair patiently while I was working. I loved her outfits ideas, and of course I loved that she decided to wear lace. Simple but gorgeous at the same time. She and her husband have a special connection, and you can definitely feel it through the pictures.
I have always thought what makes a picture a great picture it is not the poses it is not the look, it is not the beauty is the emotions and sensations that you are able to deliver throghout the camera. And they definately reached that goal. Joey also was very easy to work with, he was very open minded and collaborative. And of course very photogenic. I really enjoyed working with them, and I hope you all enjoy the picture as well...

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